Friday, December 12, 2014

Festive Friday - My nails are ready

What is it that women like to do when they want to feel good?  A mani-pedi, right.  Well, that is what I did but only a pedicure.  Because I know I can do a better job doing my nail art on my finger nails, I have decided that it's not worth it. Plus, if I have to do dishes, I would hate to get it all chipped if I paid for my manicure, but if I did it, who cares, I can repair it, change color and design any time.  One time when I got a pedicure, the salon girl nipped my cuticle a little deep and of course I got a cut.  For some that might heal in a couple of days.  It took over three weeks to really heal.  This has not happened to me before but because I am diabetic I have to be so careful when getting a pedicure.  That is why I only do it maybe twice a year.  I thought I would check to see how good they can do a design on the big toe.  Well, you guess it right.  I can do better.  Check out the design on my toe.  I was hesitant to share it but you can see for yourself the mistake.  She offered to correct it but I did not want to spend any more time at the salon.  Again, they failed me. 

It's suppose to look like a red gift box with Christmas bows(not white bugs).

This is my own design, simple and festive.  I've received many compliments already.

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