Monday, December 22, 2014

Marmalade Monday - I did it

At the end of each day I try to think of what I have accomplished.  Usually I would have done something that makes me feel that my day was not wasted.  If for some reason I end up with nothing, I would try and do something small and still feel good about my day.  This is one of those days.  I was watching TV and looked at the time and realized I have not done anything that counts.  Since Jeff just got back from his mom's place and brought some fresh oranges and lemons from her tree, I considered doing something with it.  A few days ago while watching the Barefoot Contessa make this orange marmalade.  I immediately looked up the recipe and sure enough I was making the exact same recipe.  There was a lot of boiling, simmering and waiting.  But finally it was ready and I did the taste test.  OMG it takes like a marmalade.  The recipe resulted in 8 small mason jars and it looks really good.  So far I have given four to my friends and maybe two more to other friends and keep two.  This was a good day.

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