Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Technical Tuesday - Who do I call?

Who do you call when you have a computer problem? Who do you call when you have a question about your phone? How about when your Kindle Fire?  Lucky for me, I always call the same guy.  He is available 24-7 and I usually don't have to wait for service.  But lately I needed to get a ticket, you know like when you are at work and you have to call the techie guy to solve your problem, he'll give you a ticket number.  The good news is that I always get #1 ticket and first priority because my techie guy is my hubby.  Last week our Wifi was acting up and after trying several ways to get it to work, I gave up and called for a ticket.  It only took about an hour and my computer was up and running.  Having an in-house IT guy is definitely a bonus.  Did I tell you that he is also a great nurse?  Yesterday morning after breakfast I experienced some dizziness accompanied by nausea.  I had to keep my eyes close as the room was spinning.  Thank goodness that Jeff was working from home so he could look after me for part of the morning.  Not sure what really happened or what caused it but I am back to normal today.  As for my photo to share for today, I found a couple more from that day at the Arboretum at UCSC.

I took this photo from the bottom up since the flower hangs like a bell.
It's amazing to see all the drops of rain on the petals of this flower.

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