Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tasty Thursday - Healthy Chips

I can't wait to open this bag of chips so today's post will be short and sweet.  If you get a chance to taste this kind of chips, I am sure you will agree with them.  They are available at Walmart for $2.48 a bag.  We tried the first one on the right called Sweets & Beets (sweet potato and beets).  After dinner when my friend Maria was visit, we opened this particular bag and we ended up finishing it.  It actually a perfect snack with red wine.  The one on the left is made up of parsnips, taro, sweet potato, yuca and batata.  If I remember it correctly we tasted this type of chips when we tried a restaurant in Monterey, CA called Lalla Grill.  It is served as soon as they sat us down at our table.  I believe they make their own version at their kitchen, according to one of the waiter.


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