Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Weft Wednesday - Garden Flags

Weft - Threads running at 90° angles to the length of woven fabrics (or the width). Also known as the cross grain. It has little to no stretch and is usually 45° from the bias. 

It's getting tougher and tougher each time I do a new post.  My daughter told me when I started blogging that I will eventually ran out of words to match with the days of the week.  I am sure that I have repeated some of the words.  But today is a first.  As defined above it's a sewing terminology, so actually it's fitting with what I am blogging today.  This past week I have been addicted to making garden flags.  It all began because I wanted to make one for my MIL for Christmas.  Of course I can't show you that particular piece, just in case she is reading my blog.  When choosing a fabric, I had to make sure that I am using the right one, that one that has little or no stretch.  So far I have made five flags and working on the sixth one.  If you remember in October, I made an orange one just before my BFF's visit.

December Flag

February Flag

Flag for ladybug collectors

The Easter Flag


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