Friday, December 19, 2014

Frugal Friday - When is it a deal

When it comes to looking for great deals, I have certain stores that I like to check every now and again.  Sometimes I get very lucky in finding things that I need for myself or for someone else.  There are some stores that have that special discount on a particular day and I will make sure that I only buy something I need on that day.  Since I have all the time to browse and search for good deals,  I am able to find them without being stressed because I like to shop during the not so busy time of the day.  Yesterday was my lucky day when I decided to stop by at Kohl's.  I was not looking for anything - I was just doing my regular walking around the store - my form of exercise.  Do you want to see what I found?

The last pair - my size - only $4.99
 This will be my new evening sandals when the weather gets warmer.  Great deal, right.

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