Sunday, December 14, 2014

Searching Sunday - Need a break

You are probably wondering why I would need a break when actually if I am retired, it would have been almost four and a half years that I have been taking a break.  Let me pause for a moment.  It must have been due to my recent health issues that it's telling me to slow down.  For some people being retired is really taking it easy and not doing much.  I have been doing all kinds of things and my week sometimes is so packed that my calendar looks like I was still working.  The weather has been one of the cause for me to stay home and not go to one of my volunteers.  Another reason is that when the local teams are playing the NFL, then I know for sure that I don't have to work.  Today was one of those days so I took advantage of it and spend time with Jeff.  We went to several different stores to do a bit of last minute Christmas shopping as well as grocery shopping.  There were some great deals but not a lot to go crazy buying stuff you don't need.  We stopped by for lunch at some Roadhouse Jack's burger place that serves some unique burgers.  I tasted the Crunchy Fritos Style. What is interesting is that they serve about 100 different kinds of beer and on Tuesday it's only $2 all day.  Our day ended with a 2.5 hours of wrapping presents.  I couldn't believe it took all that time so I suggested to Jeff to just use bags next time. 

This is what Jeff's burger look like - we forgot to take our own photo.

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