Monday, December 8, 2014

Minuscule Monday - Happy Birthday, Alysia

Today my daughter celebrates her ?th birthday.  I don't think she will have a big party but maybe just celebrate it with a few of her friends or maybe even just a nice dinner with her husband.  As the expression says "she's all grown up".  Sometimes I can't believe that she's her age because she looks so young that she still gets her ID checked.  She must have that specific genes from her mother.  Recently I had asked her to contribute to our annual Christmas newsletter.  After receiving one article, I was truly amazed on how creative she was with her writing.  It's too bad that she has stopped blogging.  Shortly after, I received another article which was even more heartwarming.  You will have to wait until you received a copy of the newsletter to know what I am talking about.  Today I would like to dedicate this post to her as this day is about her. Happy Birthday Alysia!  May your day be filled with happy times and may you many more years of happiness.  

A bouquet of roses that will last forever.

Almost forgot why I used the word minuscule.  When I was going through the toughest part of my life, she told me something using this word "minuscule", from that day on, each time I encounter something difficult or painful, I would almost hear her voice saying that same line.
Thank you Alysia,  you have truly grown up to be a caring and loving person.  Missing you.

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