Saturday, December 6, 2014

Seeping Saturday - The roof is leaking

As much as California is needing a lot of rain, sometimes there's a disadvantage of having too much. We have been watching the updates of the weather in and around the bay area and some people are experiencing flooding.  Some areas have landslides and even a big sink hole right in the middle of a busy street.  For some of the homeowners, their first concerns would be roofs and windows.  Unfortunately we did experience a little bit of leak in our living room ceiling on Tuesday.  Luckily that day, I was only away for a couple of hours and when I returned home, I found a small puddle of water coming out of a very tiny opening on the ceiling.  First thing I did is to clean and dry the floor and then immediately place a bucket to catch the drips.  I took a photo of the leak and send it to Jeff.  When he came home that day he immediately check the attic to locate where the water was seeping from.  Because of the amount of rain for the last week, there seems to be a leak from the roof.  Unfortunately he would have to wait for the this weekend and can only repair the roof when the rain has stopped.  This is one of those handy things that he can figure out the problem and know the solution.  Unfortunately for others, they would have to call that handyman to the job.  

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