Monday, November 10, 2014

Mistakes Monday - Outback is OUT

Many years ago when Outback first arrived in Canada everyone was so impressed about the restaurant.  Although some of my friends were not impressed, I thought I would give it a try. Well, my friends were right, I never did come back.  When I moved to San Jose, Jeff took me to an Outback near his home. I was very hesitant to go because of my previous Canadian Outback experience.  He asked me to at least give it one chance.  I did and I was quite impressed because the service and the food was great.  We continued to go there every now and again for maybe a couple of years.  Even my MIL was enjoying our dinners specially when she uses her gift certificates that she receives during the year.  Unfortunately we started experiencing the decline in service and food quality.  But since it's Jeff's go to steak house, we continued for another year.  Last Sunday was our last day there.  Although we never wait for a table since we like sitting in the bar area, the service was so poor.  We had to ask for everything we needed, from the bread, to our cutlery, to the little wooden table that they place in the bar when you opt to dine.  Not only that the service was terrible, they made so many mistakes with our dinner.  We all ordered medium rare steaks with different sides.
When our food arrived, my steak was so well done it was tough.  Jeff's was medium-well and although my MIL's got hers medium rare, it had a lot of grizzles and a little tough to chew.
It took a few minutes to get the bartender/waiter's attention so I can have him correct the issue.  When my steak came back, it was RARE, lots of grizzles and it seems like they just picked some cut of meat, slap it on the grill and took it out. By this time, I have finished the micro mini lobsters and half of my rice.  Everyone agreed that OUTBACK is out of our list.  I am sure they are not going to miss us, but we will definitely not miss them ever.  We are never,never,never going back there ever.

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