Sunday, November 9, 2014

Snuggle Sunday - It's time to bring out the electric blanket

Some of you may think that it doesn't get cold in California.  For me it's a different type of winter.  It's actually very deceiving because when I wake up in the morning (late morning), it's sunny with blue skies, most of the days.  So when I look outside, to me feels warm and if there's no snow, it's not cold.  November is the month we I start feeling a bit chilly in our home.  So far we have not turned on the heat but I have taken out my fluffy and comfy blanket.  Last Friday, the day started with so much fog that it was difficult to see what's up ahead.  But by mid morning, the sun came out and the skies became blue, and it was warm. At night when we are just chilling and watching some of our favorite TV shows, we like to have our electric blanket at low.  Jeff bought two blankets last year, a blue and a red one.  In the evening, the temperature in our home is about 62 and during the day is about 69.  It's actually comfy specially when I am busy doing a bunch of things and constantly on the move. I know it's still considered Fall/Autumn but we are still getting some really nice warm days. Hopefully it doesn't get too cold yet because my friend from Canada will be arriving soon.  I cannot promise that it won't be cold, but I can promise that there won't be any snow.  What kind of blanket do you have that keeps your warm during the winter months?  Do you have one of those SNUGGIE?  Maybe you just need someone to snuggle with.  Winter is definitely a snuggle season.  Many of the people in this part of California is really hoping for lots of rain during the winter months.  I'm sure everyone here can take lots of rain instead of the white fluffy kind aka SNOW.

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