Monday, November 17, 2014

Metallic Monday - Silver and Black

Before I start my post about nails, I would like to wish my favorite son in law a very Happy Happy Birthday.  I did not forget to send him a card but I did not send him a gift because I am not sure what he needs.  For now, I wish him all the best and a year filled with good times and special moments.  Happy birthday Mike.  Today is all about you so enjoy your day.

Just a quick post about metallic, silver and black.  I am talking about my new nail art for this week.  Not really sure if you are like me when it comes to nail polish, but I cannot stand chipped nails.  Lucky for me, I can reapply the same color or just do a complete manicure. This weekend we were invited to Jeff's relative who is celebrating her 24th birthday.  She had a 90's theme party and I needed to change my polish as they were a few that was chipped.  As for dressing up for the party, we tried to find something that was 90's.  Jeff actually said that it's like his day to day clothes.  Wait a minutes, I wanted to share my version of metallic nail in silver and black.

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