Friday, November 21, 2014

Fitting Friday - Happy Birthday Maria

It is fitting that I do this special post for my friend Maria who is celebrating her big day today.  She arrived last Sunday and we have been doing a lot of different things as part of her birthday week.  If you have been following my blog, we have been to a winery and did some wine tasting.  We spent three hours at Petroglyph making our own piece of ceramic item that we painted.  It will be ready on Saturday and we can't hardly wait to see the finished product.  She managed to prepare two dinners for us (San Francisco Chicken - so fitting) and (Cannelloni - she's Italian).  Yesterday we had our spa day at Preston Wynne and had a bit of time left to walk in their downtown area to check out special shops.  This morning was breakfast with my friend Nikki which is also fitting because Maria's BFF in Canada is also named Nikki.  There's still a few more days before she returns to freezing cold temperatures. We were able to do quick manicure last night before going to bed.  She received a lot of text messages, emails and phone calls this morning.  The sweetest one is from her mother who sang her a happy birthday which I recorded on my phone.  So, happy birthday Maria.  This is your special day and today is all about you.

*Remember to look back and appreciate what you have done in your life.  Don't waste time regretting what you haven't done.*

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