Monday, November 3, 2014

Multicolored Monday - Pretty soaps

Halloween last weekend, three more weeks will be USA thanksgiving, then it's the ridiculous Black Friday Sale, and we cannot forget Christmas.  On Saturday, Jeff and I attended a Holiday Boutique sale at one of the high school near our home.  My friend had a booth and we wanted to check it out.  It was a big event and lots of crafts and gift items for Christmas.  Some of the items were a bit expensive but there are some great deals that are so unique and special.  I was thinking about all the sewing items I have made.  But when I think about all the work that one has to put into it, it's like working which really defeats being retired.  I bought a few gifts for Christmas but I cannot show them in case my family checks my blog.
But these soaps that I bought are so pretty and the scents are amazing specially the Lychee one (middle soap on the second photo below). 

These soaps I bought from the Octoberfest in Campbell three weeks ago.
These are the ones I bought from this weekend Holiday Boutique Sale which were a better deal.

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