Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wasteful Wednesday - It's time to make a change

Do you find that you are spending precious time doing useless stuff?  Are you getting bored with the volunteer work you are tasked?  Is this the right time to make a change?  I am sure you know where this topic is going.  For the past two Wednesday, I have been taking out staples from the pieces of paper in a file folder.  This is my task for at least four hours.  The section I am with is trying to be paperless, so everything has to be scanned. Then why am I doing it?  Because I am still committed to helping out and giving back to the community.  I have made placed my name in some other opportunities in a different section and actually got an interview.  Unfortunately, Jeff is not too thrilled with the type of work I'll be doing, specially when it's for free.  So back to the drawing board.  Honestly, I love the section I am in and the people in that unit are so wonderful.  There are times when some other unit asks if I could work for them and the supervisor is very protective so I don't get transferred.  It has been over two years since I started at my current volunteer and technically I could end it now because I have given them the two years they require.  Maybe things will be different when I return in a couple of weeks.  For now I have some time off to think things through. What is good about this dilemma is that it's a volunteer work.  I can do whatever makes me happy.

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