Sunday, November 30, 2014

Simply Sunday - Simple but Superb

In a way I'm glad that Thanksgiving is over because I cannot look at another turkey until next year.  For whatever reason, I am not as excited anymore as I use to.  It must have been my last year's bad experience with the turkey dinner that we got from Boston Market.  Everyone did not have a problem after except me.  The good part is that I still love food and not afraid of trying new things.  When my friend Maria was visiting she was so helpful in the kitchen.  Sometimes we had eat out for lunch but breakfast and dinner is at home.  Let me show you some of the meals that I remembered to take photos.

San Francisco Chicken made by Maria.

Maria's lunch - bacon and tomato sandwich.

Mixed greens with a nice home made dressing by Maria.

Tacos al pastor on the left and Carne Asada tacos on the right.  The lunch I served on Maria's first day.


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