Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tackle Tuesday - So behind

Tackle as a football term or tackle as determined efforts to deal with.  Today I am doing both. I decided to watch the Patriots and Lion's game from last Sunday while doing my sewing and some housekeeping chores.  I am so behind with my blog posts, email, sewing and I haven't played golf since November 13th.  Please don't take this as me complaining, I just wanted to catch up and tackle as much as I can.  That means today I am also all over the place. Although this will be a short post. I have some photos to share to show what I have been up to.

My latest collections to wear when my team gets to the Superbowl.
My new Cranberry Portage coffee mug and Maria's new spoon rest.
The little girl's apron I made for Maria's granddaugther.

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