Sunday, January 1, 2017

Satisfying Sunday - Six years of blogging

It is hard to believe that I have been blogging for six years.  I have to thank my daughter for this because she was the one who got me started.  She suggested that I start one so that my friends and family can follow what I have been up too after moving to Cali.  Although my followers are not in the hundreds, I know that those who are still following this are enjoying each post and actually look forward to the next one.  As for my 6th year anniversary, I am sharing some new things for 2017.  This first one was freshly made yesterday as I needed a new flag for January.  It feels like this will be a great year for everyone.  Happy New Year!

January theme - Winter equals Frozen equals OLAF.
The following photos are new things for welcoming 2017.  As you can see I have a couple of really warm hoodie to keep me comfy for the cold winters we have in the Bay area.

Black flats from COACH, Patriot watch and key chain, new CD, Minion ear buds.

My daughter got this for me from the Bay store (aka Hudson's Bay Co) downtown Toronto. 

My BFF Lorna (from Ottawa) sent this via Canada Post and it arrived on Christmas eve.  So perfect.

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