Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Travelling Tuesday - Where and when

Sometimes I wonder if it's just me or maybe because I am retired and my husband is still working that is why he can't think of going away somewhere.  I think the real reason is that we got so used when I lived in Canada that we go away at least once for our annual vacation.  We also try and do some short vacation and mini weekend get aways or long weekend get away.  Maybe it has to do with having long winters and your body yearns for some heat of the beautiful sun.  Now a days I feel like I am the only one eager to go somewhere.  I know that our winters in San Jose is not bad, still a little cool at times but there's no snow.  So am I complaining.  Not really, I just want to plan to go somewhere even if its a short weekend trip.  Where do I want to go.  Here's my list for this year but there's really no time frames at this time of this post.  It's just a list that I can check and maybe I can convince Jeff to go along with the plan.  Maybe if I just book it and tell him we're going, so he can book his PTO.
  1. LA or Orange County, CA - to check out an RV for sale and to visit my kindergarten BFF.
  2. Kelowna, BC, Canada - to check out future home and visit my tennis/golf girlfriend who recently retired and move to Kelowna.
  3. Toronto, ON, Canada - to visit my daughter and favorite SIL and visit friends and maybe attend the wedding of one of my son's best friend.
  4. Yellowknife, NT, Canada - to show Jeff where I lived when I first emigrated to Canada and to check out the small town that is now a metropolis.
  5. Houston, TX - to visit my BFF Susan since she's been here twice already and now it's my turn to visit her.
  6. Park City, UT - I keep seeing their commercial on TV and I was just wondering what is so special about that place.
  7. The great European Viking Cruise - this one will take a lot of planning and searching and needs to be book at least seven months in advance.  This one will have to wait for 2018.
  8. The Canada and New England Cruise on Princess - New York, Boston,  Main, Nova Scotia and Quebec. 

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