Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What's new Wednesday - My own forecast

Every year during the first three months of the year, people start something new.  Like a new diet, a new fitness regiment, a new hobby, maybe even a new job and sometimes a new relationship.  Whatever it is that you might be starting, give it a little more time than just a few weeks or a few months.  It takes time like everything in life.  So what is my new thing for 2017.  Here's my list in no particular order, just random list that I want to try, do, or change.
  • Maybe I'll try to look for a part-time job. I know, maybe it's not realistic.
  • A new hobby that does not involve sewing or crafts.
  • A change in volunteer organization, give up one in order to keep weekly schedule.
  • Join a golf monthly tournament - I already paid my membership.  This one is called Junipar Golf which is from Jeff's work.  They schedule a Sunday tournament each month at one of the great course in the Bay area.  Now I can try and win some of the contest during each tournament.
  • Diabetes Management - this year I truly want to concentrate on getting almost perfect blood glucose numbers.  Possibly take another class or just do more research on things that are new in the Diabetes world.
  • Return to weekly bowling and try very hard to get higher score in order to get my own bowling ball.
  • Start organizing household stuff including clothes, shoes, etc. and start paring down to be prepared just in case we have to move to Canada this year.
There are seven items for 2017 that I have written.  It does not seem difficult but as you know like any diet, exercise, etc.  sometimes after a few weeks the excitement wears off.  The good part is that I have something to work on and will definitely report to you my readers as to where I am at with these seven new year TO DO's.  By the way, this is the year of the rooster. According to the article that I read first, this is the UNLUCKY year for the Roosters. That was not nice at all.  I am sure there's other good things you can read about that is if you are into this type of predictions.  Good luck and let's all hope for a peaceful and rewarding 2017.

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