Thursday, January 26, 2017

Textile Thursday - Perfect Pattern

Ever since we renovated both bathrooms in our home, I have been searching for the perfect shower curtains.  Unfortunately, it seems like nothing strikes my attention.  The current ones are ok but my daughter mentioned that there's way too much beige and brown for colors.  That is when I thought I would add the pop up color by using an accent on the curtains.  So I bought a beige and a tan color curtains made of plain fabric.  I had the idea that I will buy a fabric with some of the beige and brown but with a nice accent color.  Our bathroom will have some sort of bluish or aqua or turquoise accent and the guest bathroom will have some greenish hints of lime or avocado.  Searching for the right combination is the hardest one specially when you are limited to two fabric stores.  There are a lot of fabrics but their designs are too small and I really need a bigger design.  Another issue is that I would like to find some geometric designs, like interlocking squares or rectangular shapes going in different directions.  For the guest bathroom I have changed one of the frame and now I am considering something with birds, cage, flowers in the colors I mentioned before.  There's no big rush but I am hoping to get it done before we actually sell the house.  To give you an idea, I need the fabric to sew on the bottom of the curtains, possible about 15 inches from the bottom.  There's also another idea where I could sew a smaller piece of fabric near the top, maybe six inches from the curtain rings.  Here's a couple of photos that might give you an idea what I am talking about.  Just remember that the colors and the fabric pattern would be totally different.
Image result for shower curtains
The area where the stars are would be where my fabric of choice will be added.
Image result for shower curtains
On this one, notice the line at the top, same width but using my fabric of choice.

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