Thursday, January 19, 2017

Terrible Thursday - Are you kidding me?

What is so terrible about this Thursday? It didn't actually happen today but it happened last Friday.  I took my MIL to her family doctor to get checked as she has been complaining about some health issues.  Normally I just wait for her in the waiting area but this time she wanted me to go in since there will be an Intern observing during her consultation.  So I did and we waited for her doctor to come in.  Knock on the door and two female came in.  Since we know which one was her doctor, of course the other person was the observer.  After a few questions, her doctor started coughing.  She covered her mouth with her left hand and then with her right hand.  She did not wear a mask but she continued the questioning and there were more coughing and more of the covering with her hands.  At one point she made a call to another doctor who she was going to refer my MIL.  During her the telephone call, she held the phone with her left hand and then for whatever reason, she started touching the bottom of her left shoe with her right hand.  She was sort of rubbing the heel part of her shoe. Was she trying to clean it or was there a pain that she was trying to relieve.  Then the coughing started again and she covered her mouth with the same hand that touched the dirty bottom of her shoe.  I kept kicking my MIL to see if she was noticing all of this.  Once she was finished with the call, without washing or sanitizing her hands, she started examining my MIL.  OMG, I said in my head, are you kidding me? I guess I should have said something.  Almost forgot, during the whole consult, I decided to go out to get one of the nurse to bring the doctor some water to hopefully relieve the coughing.  The doctor refused.  Now my MIL wants to changed her family doctor.  I mentioned this to my BFF from LA and she suggested that I write to the Medical Director of that Medical Center and put a complaint.  What would you do?  Would you have said something right there? It was awful to watch and to think she's the physician and there's an intern observing her. So unprofessional and so unhealthy.  No wonder why there's so many people who are sick.  By the way, I did not see her wash her hands either before she left the room.  I am sure she was going in to see another patient without sanitizing her hand and so the passing of her germs continues.

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