Friday, January 20, 2017

Federer Friday - He's moving forward

As sad as it was when Novak lost to Istomin, I am very happy to see my favorite tennis player of all time.  Roger is moving on to the Round of 16.  Of course I also need to cheer for Raonic, Nadal and Ferrer.  Unfortunately on the women's side, I don't have many choices
left.  With Maria Sharapova still out of the circuit and Ana Ivanovic retiring and others have lost on the earlier rounds,  there's not much to watch.  By the way, this year I decided to spare my stress level by not watching any of the games of the Williams sisters.  Almost forgot, I cannot understand why ESPN had to hire that guy to co host at the booth.  His opinion is so biased when it comes to the player he is coaching.  I don't want to listen to his comments so I just speed forward.  What is so sad about it, he will be there in all the four majors this year.  He should just keep coaching and stay away from covering the tennis matches.  There are so many great ones like John and his brother Patrick McEnroe.  The funny Brad Gilbert and of course the nice guy Darren Cahill.  Not so fond of a couple of the women sports caster but they are still better than that other guy.  We'll there so much more
tennis to follow, about another week of it.  Good luck to all my favorites. 

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