Monday, January 30, 2017

Manageable Monday - Food is food

It's not a whine nor a complain, it is just an observation.  Wondering what I am talking about.  Since this is the beginning of the second week of being sick for me and the third week for Jeff, we have noticed that we are just eating what we can quickly make.  Although I was able to make some meals and then have some leftovers, cooking is still a chore when you are not feeling great.  This sick feeling is not going well with me as I am starting to get cranky.  Even taking a shower takes a toll on my energy.  There's no fever or any other ache anymore, just cough, sniff and congested.  The good part is that I am be to sleep and able to stay home and just rest, rest and rest with liquids, liquids, OK you get it.  So here's some photos of what our meals look like during the weeks the we were sick.  Please brace yourself as some of the foods might be offensive.  Just kidding.  It still home made but maybe not the healthiest.

I deep fried corn tortillas to go with our salsa.
This is my plate of pork chili verde with salsa and refried beans.
To make sure we have some veggies, I made a mango and with some jackfruit.
If you know Jeff, you would have guess that this was his lunch.
Soda crackers with peanut butter and sugar sprinkles.

Another lunch, Naan bread with sausage, sundried tomatoes, orange bell pepper, parmesan and asiago cheese.

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