Friday, January 6, 2017

Foodie Friday - Food firsts

During my daughter and SIL visit, we have tried new dishes that we have not experienced before.  We also went back to one of their favorite restaurant and this time we ordered what they are famous for.  I am glad I went back and now I know what to order.  Although Dim Sum is nothing new for us, we decided to take them to a place where we use to go.  We have not been there for a long time and was surprised to see that most of the stores are gone except for this Chinese restaurant that serves Dim Sum everyday.  Of course their trip would not be complete without stopping by In and Out.  In fact that was the first one we stopped by after picking them up at the SFO.  So here are some of the photos of the food we tried during the holidays.

My dessert at Olive Garden when I met Katrina for lunch.
Our own version of the famous Seafood boil - we ate this on Christmas eve.

Bon Chon chicken wings - so yummy - definitely worth going back.

My new drink for 2017 - Moscow Mule - even have my own copper mug.
As for other dinners which I forgot to take photos, we had Roast beef dinner with Yorkshire pudding on Christmas Day.  On Boxing Day Jeff served Ham with a bunch of side dishes includes Jiffy cornbread casserole.  We took them to our favorite Mexican restaurant (Casa Teresa) for their first night.   Of course we served home made breakfast everyday.  Almost forgot, they requested one Filipino dish except I had to cook it separately as my daughter likes it with shrimp and my SIL loves the pork version.  Not a problem since the recipe was so easy. 

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