Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sugary Saturday - Something new

Lately with all the rainy days, I am finding myself being at home watching a lot of tennis and then I realized that I have not been productive.  So this weekend I tried to look for something new to bake, make and cook.  The first thing I had to make was a sweet dessert from my childhood.  You know when you guys where snacking on chocolate chip cookies and milk, we had what we called Kamote Q.  It's made of deep fried sweet potatoes, brown sugar and skewered like shish kabobs.  Since I only had one sweet potato which was plenty, I cut them in smaller cubes so it will take less time to cook.  I remembered to take a photo for you to see.  The next item for something new is called Caramel Crunch Bar which is a recipe on the back of the package of some caramel pellets that I bought.  While looking through the pantry, I notice this package and thought I should use it before it expires.  Luckily I have all the ingredients to make it and sure enough it was also very easy to assemble.  Again I remembered to take a photo.  Lastly, I cannot just make all sweets and since it's getting closer to lunch time plus it was raining, I started making cream of potato and ham soup with a sprinkle of bacon as my topping.  We delivered some to my MIL and she said it was sooooh yummy.  For this last one I did not take a photo because I am sure you know what soup looks like.
Graham crackers, caramel, pecans, marshmallows, pretzels and chocolate.

Kamote Q aka caramelized sweet potato cubes.
Ham, northern white beans and cabbage soup.  Another soup I made.

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