Sunday, January 8, 2017

Stitching Sunday - Leftover from last year

Rain, rain and more rain.  No golf, no walking outside and definitely no tennis.  So what can I do. Hmmm.  Lucky for me I can do indoor stuff like cleaning, chores and baking.  Although this weekend I decided to finish the last towel embroidery left over from last year.  Then once it was completed, I decided to work on more towels that I had but has not been finished.  Since I have all kinds of left over fabrics from all the different projects, I just mix and match the colors and added some extras.  This is what I have completed.  Let me know if you like to have one of this.  You might have to pay for shipping, ha ha just kidding.

This is the last towel to be embroidered, I call this the Ontario Fall.


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