Monday, January 23, 2017

Macarons Monday - Just day dreaming

Every time I am browsing on Pinterest, I keep seeing these very colorful macarons and a variety of creaming centers.  During this weekend I planned on trying to make it only to be disappointed because I could not find the almond powder.  When I did finally found one, it was called almond flour and it cost $11 for a small bag.  Jeff suggested to see if I can find a recipe that did not use almond powder and or find a substitute.  Most of the recipes were calling for that magic ingredient.  I was tempted to just ground up some almonds but I need a lot of almonds to make a cup of that powder stuff.  Although I have not checked other stores to see if they carry this powder, I would truly prefer just to buy it instead of doing all that work.  Since I am not good with making cookies or delicate cake recipes, I really would like to try making macarons because they look so yummy and so pretty.  Here's a few of the photos I found that looks so delicious.  I am sure they will be very sweet but it will be nice to be able to make it and actually comes out like those on the pictures.  Maybe I should have tried it when my daughter was visiting as she's very good with following directions and paying attention to details.  I am truly hoping that I will be successful in making all the three flavors on list.

 Image result for macarons

Image result for coffee and baileys macarons
Coffee and Baileys Macarons - This is the first flavor I would like to try making.
Image result for chocolate and mint macarons
Mint and Chocolate Macarons - The second flavor on my list.
Image result for raspberry macarons
Raspberry white chocolate Macarons - The third flavor that definitely is perfect for Valentines.


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