Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Whiny Wednesday - Professional sports

Is it just me or maybe even you, are you getting tired of listening to professional sports players whinning about everything.  During the NHL All Star Competition Skills, I made a comment to Jeff how nice it is to listen to the players about their experience, their games, their friendship and family in the NHL world.  They are so polite, humble and so appreciative of their contributions to the hockey world.  The next day it was the Australian Men's open final.  What a treat to watch Nadal and Federer battle it to 5 sets.  Then was treated to a couple of wonderful speeches from each of them.  Again, polite, humble, thankful and much sportsmanship between the two greatest players of Tennis.  So what's wrong with the rest of the other sports, football and basketball players lately has been annoying. Their comments and the way the carry themselves during their games.  I happen to stumble upon something about Charles Barkley's comment about Lebron.  I'm sorry I happen to be a fan of Charles and so I am agreeing with him.  Never a fan of Lebron and never will.  As for football players, I don't understand some of them, their attitude, temper and the drama when they get tackled.  I know Superbowl is just a few days away and my favorite team is part of it but now I heard about the half time show.  Oh bother, I guess I won't have a party.  Just record the game and breeze through the show.   I guess this lingering sickness is making me whiny too. 

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Did you see Kesler son only goal against Price?

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Roger and Rafa after the match.  Their respect for each other and friendship is very special.

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