Friday, September 2, 2016

Friendship Friday - What an amazing surprise?

Have you ever wondered if you can find a way to reconnect with your childhood best friend?  Where would you start and what if's.  I have always followed my heart when it comes to friendship.  If you don't try or ask you will never know the answer.  So here's how it began.
After coming back from our Vegas trip, I couldn't sleep and all of a sudden a thought came to my mind.  I wonder where my childhood friend is now.  How will I find her since she could have changed her name because of marriage, etc.  I thought I would just start with a simple google and I guess I got lucky.  I found her and decided to send a snail mail to her work address.  In my envelope I enclosed some copies of photos from our Kindergarten and Grade one class pictures.  I also included my recent photo, my business card and a short note with all my information.  The days went by and I got busy with my life, my BFF's visit and my citizenship interview.  Since it has been almost a month, I figured the letter was not delivered or it was not the right person until this morning.  My cell phone rang and I just missed it.  Then my home phone rang and I immediately picked it up because my heart tells me so.  The caller was female and she asked for me then introduced herself.  I am guess you know the rest of the story.  It was truly amazing to speak to someone who you have not seen in 44 years and still sounded like you were never apart.  We hope to get together this month.
That was how my day began.  I ended up calling my two other childhood friends who lives in the bay area (Lito and Rexie).  Later today I received a text from my friends from Toronto (Brock and Margaret) and another friend from Buffalo, NY (Larry).  For dinner with we met our neighbor/friends who are moving to Paris.  We had a great time, shared a lot of stories and had some giddy fits after dinner.  We tried some Boba drinks (bubble tea) and ice cream sandwich from the new place around the corner. It was definitely a day of all kinds of friendship and it was very rewarding and exciting part of being alive.

Having a variety makes friendship truly exciting.  It's never boring always trying for something new.

It's important to have friendship that are pure and from the heart.  This is what makes it special.

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