Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sumptous Saturday - Treats for a friend

About a month ago I started teaching my new friend Pam to shoot pool.  Can you believe that I am showing her how to be better at pool/billards.  So far we have met for about an hour, once a week and I know that she is getting better with some of the shots.  Last week she mentioned she was having a party for her son and his girlfriend.  It was going to be a proposal party.  She would have some of the food catered as she does not have time to prepare.  I had offered her that I will make her some treats for this very romantic party for her son.  She requested a couple of items that she has tasted before when I brought her small pieces of the treats I make.  Of course I took photos so I can share them with you.  I know they are all yummy because Jeff is my tester for anything sweet.  Hey, wait a minute, this could be Jeff's job when he retires - DT - dessert tester.  He loves sweets and now I can understand why he is such a sweet guy.  When he helps with my baking, I made sure he gets to try the end pieces or the imperfect ones. Hopefully Pam will have enough for her 40 guests.

Six Layer Bar

Mini pecan pie

Mini Apple crumble walnut pie

Coconut macaroons


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