Monday, September 19, 2016

Maybe Monday - Golf Fix Lesson

Do you remember the expression "you can't teach old dogs new tricks"?  Well, I guess in golf you can.  After three years of my last golf lesson, I decided to take another one just to see if something can be tweaked to improve my game just a tad.  It took a bit of contemplating on whether to take in the golf course where we play or find some other instructor at another site.  Since we have been playing our weekly golf at the one close by my house, I decided to inquire.  Finally a couple of weeks ago, I met with Kevin.  Just in case you are wondering how I picked him as the instructor.  Remember my favorite minion, his name is Kevin.  My hairstylist is named Kevin.  So why not pick one with the same name.  OK maybe some people would pick according to their experience, etc.  I did my research and with some recommendations, Kevin was the man.  We have met twice and the result is amazing.  I know I need to practice what he has done not only on the course but on the range.  What was great about Kevin is that he did not give me TMI.  He also did not change a lot of my habits, etc.  What he did was to keep it simple and only a few things to remember.  His technique of teaching was very easy to understand.  At times he would compare some process to my baking. Very interesting but I get it.  Now all I have to do is practice what I have learned.  So maybe you can still teach old dogs (me) a few tricks.  Hopefully someday I'll get to do this.

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