Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sanitary Sunday - Completed and Delivered

After a couple of weeks of sewing a few hours a day, I finally completed more of those washable sanitary pads.  Today they are having an open house/fund raising event/awareness which unfortunately I cannot attend due to previous commitment. This time I have only completed a little over 40 pads because I ran out of fabrics and other supplies.  Since it was not just myself that is sewing pads, we were only required what we can complete.  Yesterday I met the wonderful lady from Cameroon.  She was truly appreciative of all the work we have done.  After our introduction, the coordinator approach me about another project which I am very interested in helping.  This time we will be making simple backpack and I can't wait to get my designs started.  She told me that there was no requirement for a specific fabric, etc.  Whatever we can contribute would be better than nothing which is what the have at the moment.  These are the photos of the pads as well as what I plan to start creating with regards to the backpack.  It is very rewarding to know that what I have created is helping the women from poorer country.

Extra inserts for the case below.

Image result for simple backpack pattern
Something similar to this size and pattern.  I will be using some of my scrap fabrics.

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