Friday, September 9, 2016

Friendly Friday - More of childhood memories

A week ago today, I posted about my reconnecting with one of my childhood BFF.  We have been texting, emails and hopefully another chat on the phone this week.  It's amazing that even after 44 years, it just seems like we were really never apart.  When we spoke for at least 45 minutes, there was so much to catch up we only spoke a little on the past.  We shared quick stories but also updated the now life.  I decided to look for one particular photo from that era and for some reason I couldn't find my picture that I cut out.  Maybe I used it one time at work when they were asking for childhood photo of us to be used for a guessing game for some charity event.  Now I am a little upset that I cut it because I can't share it with my BFF.  But this photo that I found would be a great one to recall all our friends in Grade I.
As I remember it correctly we were picked from our class because of our talent in dancing. LOL.  It was part of the commencement exercise when we were in Grade I.  How do I remember this? Because our teacher was Mrs. Perez.  Everyone in our little town knew her because of her strictness and yet we all learned a lot from her.  She was the teacher of my brother, my sister and many others who followed after.  So in the photo below, I am quite surprised that I remember most of them.  The dance we performed was called Itik Itik which was some sort of bird mating dance. It was performed in 1960 at the Itaas Elementary School, Muntinlupa District.

Front Row- Boy, ?, Renato, Nick, Benjamin, Bugoy, Nelson 
                               Back Row - Baby, ?, Catchot, Marissa, Herlie, Celia ? Me

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