Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tricky Tuesday - Cucumber surpise

Who doesn't want a surprise.  I don't think I know anyone who don't like surprises.  Ooops
yes I do know.  My husband does not like surprises.  But actually I am not talking about that kind of surprise.  As you know summer is over and technically Fall has arrived.  The garden in our backyard is showing some of the signs.  Like the yellow squash plant leaves have been turning brown and the squash is not growing any bigger.  Most of the tomatoes have been harvested but I was surprise to see several cucumbers popping up.  At first I thought there were no other ones since we have harvested the last one.  So yesterday, I decided to go out and check out how the rest of the plants are doing.  Wait a minute, what are those green things, they look like cucumbers.  Yes and there were at least six more under their leaves.
Of course, I call Jeff and get all excited to see if he can find as many as what I have seen. You can do it also because I took some photos to share.


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