Sunday, September 4, 2016

Selective Sunday - Our last harvest

September is here.  The weather is changing.  The leaves are turning.  NFL started their pre season games.  I am sure you know already know where I am going with this.  FALL/Autumn.  Not rushing it, but we just did our last harvest in our backyard.  Actually Jeff want to get the garden ready for the winter crops.  Although there are still some tomatoes, yellow squash that are still trying to grow but not very fast, and maybe some peppers, the end of the summer is only a couple of weeks away.  Yesterday we decided to redecorate our backyard with the new table and chairs that I inherited from my neighbor who is moving.  It's bright and cheerful and it's perfect in our backyard.  

The red cherry tomatoes we great this year.  I was able to make two big batch of red sauce.

Only the tiny apple is from Jeff's tree.  The granny smith is from the neighbor of my friend.

This is the Byddi section

This is the TL section.

This is my Maria corner.

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