Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tennis Tuesday - US open begins without RF

The day after my BFF left, the US Open 2016 began in Flushing Meadows, NY.  It's hard to believe that Roger Federer is not participating.  Then on the women's side, Maria Sharapova is also not playing.  Even a lot of the players are saying that it's not the same without RF.
Of course there are still other favorites like RAFA, Novak, Ferrer, and more.  With almost 10 hours of recorded coverage, I can be really picky on which match I watch. This year I decided that instead of me getting annoyed watching the ones that I dislike, I am boycotting their match and skip it all together.  It's the only way to enjoy watching tennis.  Like the other night after Rafa's match, he tried to hit the ball towards the roof.  He was all smiles and gave a great interview.  After winning his match on the third round, he gave another amazing interview on the booth with the ESPN team.  He is such a nice man, very professional, humble, funny and respectful.  I don't understand why these two women that I dislike cannot learn from him.  Anyway,  I have one more week of exciting tennis and I will definitely cheer for my favorite players who do not have the attitude, excuses and very bad sportsmanship.  I am sure you all know who I am talking about.  By the way, to make it worst ESPN added in their team this guy who is the coach of the one player that I dislike, which means every time he speaks he is talking about her.  There are so many other X tennis pro that can take his place, why him.  BTW did you know that Rafa Nada now has a museum in his hometown Mallorca, Spain?  He also has a tennis academy. Maybe someday I can get a chance to tour both.

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