Thursday, September 15, 2016

Truthful Thursday - of becoming a US citizen

Six years ago I left Canada and moved in with my hubby Jeff to live in San Jose and retire.  I had moved to different country, different city, different province or territories but this one is definitely the hardest.  In 1974 I left the Philippines to emigrate to Canada because we want to be with our parents and start our adult life.  The was a move that was a necessity and a very positive and an upgrade on living.  The other types of moves were all about financial, losing a job, finding a job and relocating your whole family.  When it involves children it was difficult as well because you were taking them away from your relatives, their friends, school and the adjustment is much more harder on them.  This last move was definitely the hardest because I was leaving my daughter, my only family.  It was emotionally draining because through her teen years, I have left her while going through my divorce.  Although she is married to a loving and caring man, who is my favorite SIL, her immediate family is me, her father and my son (who passed away).  The two of them are very close and it would have been easier to leave if my son was around because I know he would always be there for his sister.  There are also so many friends that I have made through my 34 years in Canada and I have to say that most of them still continue to stay in touch and reconnect.  Anyway, I am officially an American citizen.  Do I feel any different? It's too early to tell.  Today was a major event in my life and it will take some adjustment.  

The dozen white roses are from my coworkers at the SJPD

After the ceremony, we had lunch at Rock Bottom Bar & Grill.

Aside from my citizenship certificate, I receive all of these.

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