Monday, September 5, 2016

Macaroons Monday - Trying for the first time

It's such a great feeling to have done so much by lunch time.  Well, that's what I did yesterday.  Right after breakfast I started making our dinner using my crock pot.  I made pork chili verde except it's not green sauce but red sauce so I think it's called pork chili colorado.  Using the crock pot is such a treat because you don't have to keep an eye on your pot, no boil over and no burnt bottom.  Then I decided to start baking using what I have at hand.  The granny smith apples were ready so I made a mini apple crumble.  Of course when I use the ready made pie crust, there's two in a box and I have to use the other one so I made
mini pecan coconut pie.  It was still mid morning so I knew I had time for at least two more.
The next was the Six Layer Bar which I have not made in a long time.  Checking our pantry I realized I had more coconut as well, so I look for a recipe from the collection of my sister's recipe.  Coconut macaroons - I have not made those since she gave me the book which was many many moons ago.  It was almost one in the afternoon when I completed all the baking.  Ooops, almost forgot.  While I was baking, I had asked Jeff to peel the tiny apples he picked from his tree.  Since he loves apple sauce, I made a small batch for him that turned out really good.  Now let me show you all of these yummy treats I had made.

Coconut Macaroons

Six Layer Bars -still waiting to be cut into squares

Mini apple crumble pie

Mini coconut pecan pie
See how small the apples but a bunch of them equals five jars of apple sauce.

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