Thursday, September 22, 2016

Threading Thursday - The lost art of hand embroidery

Do you have anything at home, in your kitchen or bathroom or bedroom that has some type of hand embroidery?  Do you know how to do this lost art?  Do you know someone that still does this type of stitching?  Today, I would like to feature my MIL who has been doing this art of many many years.  In fact she still has embroidery threads that were passed on to her by her mother.  These threads are made from France and I am not sure if you can still buy them here in the USA.  You might find this a bit odd, but Jeff at the age of 10 was helping his mom to do some sort of embroidery.  Lately I have been asking my MIL to help out with some of my kitchen towel projects that I am using as gifts to friends.  She has done some embroidery on pillow case, handkerchief but lately more on kitchen towels.  I usually do the design, drawing it on the fabric using black pen but sometimes my MIL uses the iron-on type.

The towel is made of 100% cotton and the size is great for the kitchen.

These are just some samples of her threads but she a cabinet with many colors.

My MIL uses special needles, hoops and very sharp scissors.

This is the latest towel that she has finished.

Last step is to pick a fabric that goes as the border for the bottom of the towel.


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