Friday, September 23, 2016

Frustrating Friday - First it was UPS now FEDEX

And I thought they were the better shipping company, actually now I consider them the worst because they were secretive about the extra Clearance Service fees they charge on top of the shipping cost.  It was very stressful dealing with them because the 800 line will just keep passing you to different departments and not get anything resolved.  The local store where I went to ship three different packages (two for my daughter and one to my friend) did have additional charges as high as $35.00 and one is $6.17 which pays the Fedex Broker to do whatever he did.  After making several phone calls and going to the store, I decided to just complete the forms the I found online to dispute the charges due to their error.  On the commercial invoice I declared $25 and the employee changed it to $99 as they cover as much as that for insurance purposes.  What they don't realize is that now I have to pay the fees based on that total value of the package.  Here's the how they calculate the fees.

Duty Value Range            Fee Charged

So here's how they calculate the $35.51 charge.  As you can see because Fedex declared $99
the fee is$25.50 then they added the Ontario PST which is $13.17 and additional service fee of $2.53  According to the Canada Customs website, there is no duty of personal gift that is less than $60 Canadian funds.  

My question is, how comes UPS does not charge all of the cost I mentioned above.  The good old Unites States Postal Service maybe a little higher cost of mailing to Canada but they do not have any hidden fees, broker fees and no stinking Ancialliary Service Fees.

The trick that I got suck into is that I had to opened a Fedex Account and provide my credit card in order to use the Fedex ground services.  Now they are just having a hey day charging my card with all of these fees that I get after my package has been delivered.  I was not advise about this prior to me using their services other wise I would have not done all the above and just continued using USPS or even UPS even after I trash them when they lost one of my package.  

I HATE FEDEX  and to all my readers and followers, before you use their services, please make sure you have asked all the questions and keep all your receipts and any other documents just in case they send you all sorts of invoice after the fact. I HATE FEDEX.

Oh I almost forgot, when Jeff was expecting a package that was being sent by FedEx, according to their tracking system, it showed that an attempt to deliver the package on a special date and time was unsuccessful.  Jeff was working home all day and can see from the window if there was someone coming to the door.  Then when Jeff called them, they lied about it also.  Since they don't deliver on weekends, Jeff had to wait for a few more days. Apparently, Jeff never liked FedEx either, but since he has no choice when he is ordering items on line, some companies use Fedex and each time they are involve something goes wrong.  I HATE FEDEX.

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