Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Willingness Wednesday - You have to at least try

As part of our Valentine's weekend, Jeff and I golfed with another couple Man and Tran. This was a great idea of Man to take our spouses out to play golf and dinner afterwards.  He picked the perfect day to play and we finished our round in four hours.  We were very happy to have our spouses come along because they are not really into golf, but would go anyway because it's part of the give and take in a relationship.  It was a relaxing day at the golf course and I believe everyone enjoyed the round.  Of course after four hours, we were all hungry.  Man suggested we try this new restaurant near the golf course.  The name is Shabu House.  This is our first time trying out this type of restaurant where you are seated across and there's some sort of circular stove in the middle of the table.  The menu was not very big but the portions were suffice for our appetite.  Basically you are given two types of broth that once they turn the stove on, the soup/broth stays very hot.  Once everything is set, you cook your own choice of meat and vegetables.  Everything stays very hot and you can take as much time as you wish.  We can't believe we finished all the items on our plate.  I was really surprised how Jeff was willing to try some of items that is not his choice of vegetables.  

And at the end of the meal, they offer a small bowl of green tea or red bean ice cream. 

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