Thursday, February 4, 2016

Threading Thursday - Sewing again

It has been a couple of months since I have used my sewing machine.  One of the reason why I am not starting any project is that my automatic threader is not working properly.  I will have to ask Jeff to take a look at it and maybe he can fix it like the last time it.  The threader makes it easier for changing thread and inserting through the very tiny hole of the needle.  Although I can do it manually, some times it does take a few extra seconds sometimes minutes it get it in.  I have a couple of kitchen towels that I wanted to sew and it has been sitting on top of my machine for a month.  It will only take me less than an hour to complete them but sometimes I just need a little motivation.  Since we have company coming this weekend, I thought I should get them done so we can put away my sewing machine and sewing box.  In total I finished three kitchen towels that I can use for gifts.

I made two of these from a kitchen towel that I cut in half.

I only made one of this because the other half of the towel I use for the above.

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