Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sweetheart Sunday - Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines to all my family and friends and my followers/readers.  I hope that you were able to spend it with a loved one or if not loving friends.  Today we decided to just chill at home as I was still feeling not a 100 percent.  In fact, my throat is a little sore and my voice is very raspy that when I called my friend Gina, she did not recognize me.  About a month ago when I found out Jeff was going to have a long weekend and it happens to fall on Valentine's, he suggested maybe we could go away somewhere.  Unfortunately by the time we started checking out places that we would like to go and stay, most of them have been booked.  Luckily we did not book anything because I was not feeling that great prior to this day, so I would have not enjoyed that mini get away.  Instead we decided to dine at home and ate our favorite meals.  It's interesting how much tasty our dinner was and it was very inexpensive.  We enjoyed our dinner in the quiet ambiance of our dining room.  


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