Friday, February 26, 2016

Fast and Easy Friday - F is for food

Each week I try to write a couple of blogs and each week I try to think ahead of topics and photos to share.  Because of the style that I use for my titles which as you can see rhymes with each day of the week, I really thought by now I would have run out.  Of course I have had to repeat some of the words but in reality I am only limited to M, T, W, F and S.  I just hope that my followers/readers don't get tired, so if you have any suggestions like my BFF Maria who sent me a bunch of words to go with my weekly blog, please send it my way by leaving a comment.  Last weekend was my first weekend that I could actually get some baking and cooking done.  I like checking the fridge and cupboards and figure out what I can create.  First I saw a ready made pie pastry that needed to be used and wondered.  Now that you can find any type of recipe on line, I did a quick search and stumble upon one called "Coconut pecan pie".  The ingredients and instructions were simple.  Luckily I have everything to make this pie.  Once it was done, I remembered to take a photo for sharing.  I immediately send a text to my BFF Jean because this is her favorite pie (two in one).  She loves coconut and pecan pie.  I know that if it passes the test and get her approval,  the recipe will definitely be a keeper. For my next time, I am thinking of using a young coconut sport (macapuno) instead of the flaked coconut package. It will have a very fresh taste of freshly picked coconut.  As for dinner that night while waiting for the pie to be done, I started preparing my pierogi or varenyky.  For those of you who likes this type of dumpling, you know that it has to have caramelized onions, crispy bacon and a dollop of sour cream.  I did all of that and my dinner was so yummy considering my pierogis were from a frozen box.  One day I would like to make them from scratch and invite our friends to try them.  Maybe I can have a Ukranian night with cabbage rolls, perogies and some sort of grilled sausages like Kielbasa or something similar.


By the way, I have already received a text from Jean giving this pie a two thumbs up and she has placed her order for a birthday pie for May.  I should let her taste the variation of the recipe using the macapuno and wait for her review.  I figure someone who has tasted many variety of coconut pie as well as a variety of pecan pie would be the perfect judge for this type of combo pie.

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