Monday, February 15, 2016

Magnificent Monday - Restaurant with a view

There's a restaurant along the coast of Highway 1 in California that has a perfect view.  It's called Rocky Point Restaurant.  We stumble upon it when we took Susan to tour Carmel and Monterey while she was here during the Superbowl weekend.  It was a beautiful day to go on a day trip and since we were already in the area we decided to go for lunch.  We arrive at the restaurant and there was no line up although it took them a bit of time to seat us.  There were at least three workers that said, "they will be with you in a few minutes".  Finally a man arrived and we assumed he was the Manager.  We asked if we could seat outside and his response was "it will take at least 20 minutes".  So we decided to just take what was available inside.  Not even after 5 minutes, we see some tables open outside and sure enough the receptionist escorts a couple, then a party of 3 and another couple.  We really did not understand what was happening.  Anyway, we decided to order our food.  On the menu, it looked good but when we actually got it, it was what we expected.  Although the view was magnificent when we walked outside after our lunch, it was not worth coming back to take our visitors.  There are other restaurants that have the magnificent view, great food and great service.  Check out the photo of our lunch.

The view if you are lucky to have an outside seating.

Rocky Point Crab Louie

Crab Sliders and a bowl of fruits.

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