Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sickly Saturday - Murphy's Law

It all began when I told one of my golf buddy during our weekly round of golf.  I was bragging that I am lucky that I did not get sick when Jeff got that nasty cold stuff.  He had it for at least three weeks.  When I first noticed he was coughing and sounding congested, I started drinking this home made tea with lots of ginger, apple, cinnamon, nutmeg and honey.  I made sure I consumed a cup in the morning and one at night.  As you know this year I opted not to get the flu shot since every year that I get them, shortly after I get sick.  Well, after that Thursday and Gil said "knock on wood", sure enough I started feeling not so good on Monday.  The bad part is that my BFF from Texas was still visiting.  She was so understanding and we ended up just hanging out at home.  The next day I took her to SFO and I went home immediately to rest.  There was no coughing or sneezing or headache, but a little achy muscle and lack of energy.  I continued to just take it easy and when I feel a little energy, I would do some of the house work.  The next day I am back where I started.  Yesterday was the first day I felt a little better until about dinner time when I felt nauseous.  I am still not sure what I had for the past week but I am happy to report that today is a much better day.  From now on, I won't be bragging about feeling very good or healthy.  I'll just accept it and enjoy the days that I am feeling great.  

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