Saturday, February 6, 2016

Satisfactory Saturday - It's that time again

When is it the best time to reorganize your closets and cupboard?  Usually when you have company coming is the best time to do it.  But for me, it is when I see that it's not as organize anymore.  If I remember it correctly, it has been at least 6 months since I cleaned and put my cupboards in order.  It is amazing how many things you will find and some of the items might have expired.  One of the other reason why I had to keep it organized is when I would ask Jeff to get me something in the cupboard and he can't find it.  Now he can see where everything it and even if he can't I can describe to him exactly what I am looking for.  Not only did I do the kitchen cupboards, I also reorganized the bathroom vanity and under the sink storage.  I am sure you are interested in seeing what I have accomplished, right?

It was definitely a satisfactory feeling after spending less than an hour organizing this cupboard.  I love trying to fit each box or bottle or canister in whatever space I have.  I also have some baskets to hold whatever items need to be categorized. 

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