Sunday, February 7, 2016

Superbowl Sunday - I'm cheering for the other team

Superbowl 50 is here in the Bay area and for a whole week there were so many things going on and it is causing a lot of inconvenience for residents of the area.  Even though the Levis Stadium is in Santa Clara, they have a couple of Superbowl activities (tent) and more downtown San Francisco and San Jose.  For us, we just stay away from those areas for this week.  We are having a small group of friends for our Superbowl party.  As you know my team is not playing so the excitement is not as great.  But we still will be watching the game at home with our friends.  I have planned a simple menu instead of the original one that consists of steak and lobster.  This time it'll be some finger foods and a variety of desserts.  Without the Patriots, I would now have to pick a team to cheer for.  Definitely not the Broncos because they are the reason why the Patriots are not in Superbowl 50.  I think the Panthers will win and I hope they win with a lot more points between.  Whoever you are cheering for this Sunday, may the best team wins. 

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