Friday, May 29, 2015

Fun Friendly Friday - Party time

Maybe I'm too old to have a party - NOT.  Maybe I'm still thinking it's ok to be young and have a great time on your birthday - ah YEAH!  As a child I remember that I would get a new dress for my birthday.  I sort of continued that tradition although it could be as simple as a skirt, and inexpensive dress or even a t-shirt.  My sounthern belle arrive yesterday and we started catching up right when I met her at the baggage claim.  It has been over a year and it was so great to see her.  Yesterday went by so fast as we talked while having lunch at home, having dinner at a nice restaurant called Capers and stopping by for a drink at a bar with a live band.  Today we got up late and slept in, missed breakfast and instead got a chance to have lunch with a friend at Google.  We were able to buy a few really cute items at their store.  Then it was time to put Susan to work and she was so helpful preparing for my party.  She was also the perfect co host making sure everyone was taken care of with drinks, socializing, photos and of course fed.  The greatest part of the evening was when she started a Texas tradition during birthday parties.  Because of the number of guests, it was a best scenario to do it.  She started by doing a toast and talk a little about how we got connected.  The rest of the guests followed and it was an awesome way for everyone to share the stories of how they know the birthday girl.  What was funny was that some did a bit of stories about Jeff which was hilarious as I have never heard some of the stories.  The party ended not too late and everyone really enjoyed their time.  Another benefit of having an adult party - no fights, no broken glass/bottle, no neighbors complaining (they were part of the party), and very helpful with the clean up.  On the day of the party, Sue bought these flowers for me.


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  1. Interesting party! I am glad that you still celebrate your birthday like a kid. I think there is no age for celebrations and parties. Isn’t that true? Last month we had celebrated our grandmother’s 60th birthday at one of the best party halls in Bay area. It was an outstanding night!